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Yes, whether you're moving across the street or across the state, we can help! **We do offer out of state moves.
A+ Movers currently accepts cash, certified checks or personal checks.
Yes, due to laws that govern our industry, there are certain items that are prohibited by NYS from transporting. These items are but not limited to, flammable, fireworks, explosive, live animals, and others items. If you request a list, please send an e-mail to A+ Movers E-mail
If the conditions are not permitting such as a blizzard or massive flooding conditions the move would need to be rescheduled, otherwise there is no delay in the set moving date. If the conditions could cause harm to the employee's safety would fall under the extreme conditions to reschedule. Our movers are experienced and work in all weather conditions and are fully equipped to protect your belongings from weather damage while in transit.
There is no set time limit but the more of an advance that you can give us, the more likely it is we'll be able to accomodate your needs. This is especially true during summer months, beginning and ends of each month. We generally ask that you try to schedule your move 2 weeks in advance to ensure our availability. If you have any other questions or concerns, e-mail us at A+ Movers E-mail call us at 315-335-9140.
At A+ Movers, we are fast, friendly and efficent but every move is strictly individual and the time it takes to complete it properly can vary. The factors that dictate how long a move takes are, size of your home, distance between households, amount of steps and parking. These are just some of the factors that determine how long the move will take but for a free estimate, please e-mail us at A+ Movers E-mail or call 315-335-9140.
Currently, we do not provide any discounts or discounts for referrals. However, we do feel the best business comes from word of mouth and appreciate all referrals received!
Your local post-office can provide more information regarding how to change your address. The United States Postal Service does provide an Change of Address Form online, available on the USPS Website. It may also be important to change your address with other companies at the same time such as, banks, credit cards, insurance, subscriptions and others. Our rates do vary from weekday, Monday - Friday to weekend, Saturday - Sunday rates.

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Hours: Mon. - Sun., 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, EST.
Our rates are very competitive but do vary from weekdays to weekends and holidays. Please, contact us for more information.

E-mail: A+ Movers E-mail

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